Adrian Dominic "Apokalupsis" A Contemporary View From the Revelation of John The Divine

Exhibition Dates: 
05.16.13 - 06.30.13

Adrian Dominic
A Contemporary View From the Revelation of John The Divine
Opening Date: Thursday, May 16, 2013
Opening Times: 8-11pm
Exhibition Runs Until June 30th.

Artist Adrian Dominic humbly presents "Apokalupsis: A CONTEMPORARY VIEW OF THE REVELATION OF JOHN THE DIVINE" In this series, Adrian ambitiously attempts to illustrate characters from the most abstract and visually confrontational book of the Holy Bible. Inspired by a genuine search for knowledge of self and freedom from spiritual dogma, this series approaches characters with respect to the descriptions of the ancient texts and attempts a certain level of accuracy while instinctively and naturally infusing the sense of spiritual urgency and emergency currently prevalent in many of the world's aware and seekers of personal truth. With these very old and powerful symbols, reintroducing them to the audience to bring about a dialogue of ancient human spiritual conditions and how they are more than relevant in our modern fast moving times, outside of the dogmatic constraints of judgement. His goal is to truly inspire and challenge the audience to see where we each stand in this epic tale and to see their own reflection in the characters intentions.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Adrian Dominic relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 to be inspired and to work with other artists. With a heavy Chicano family heritage, Adrian had a very strong bond with his grandmother, a devout Catholic. Inspiring him to explore those artistic impulses, his journey for inner knowledge took him down several paths, from the esoteric to the psychedelic, utilizing meditations, prayer, and hallucinogenics to further that journey. This modern mystic lifestyle teamed with a genuine passion for growth fuels the drive to tell stories of this scale. Adrian has had solo shows in Phoenix and has been featured in numerous group shows. This will be Adrian's debut solo exhibit in New York City.

As a tattooer, Adrian has developed a strong sense of light and shadow, known for his highly contrasted designs, giving an illusion of depth on the body. His eye for this sense of dynamic sculpturesque tattoo design is in part what collectors seek his work out for. He started tattooing in 1999. Many of these shapes and dimensional approach are rooted in a heavy graffiti art background, which was prevalent before and throughout his tattoo career. Now when not tattooing, Adrian primarily focuses on oil painting and drawing, as well as feverishly reading and gathering material. The world that the viewer is taken to is a raw visualization of the reactions the artist has to his synaptic impulses in character form, and with heavy emotional bearing the viewer is boldly confronted by its intent. In this, the hope and light of things are revealed underneath the layers of dense experiences.

Adrian Dominic has been featured in numerous tattoo books and publications, including "Tattoo Prodigies" and Tattoo Society. For more information and a look at some of his work, please visit his website,