Martina Secondo Russo - "Tots with Tats"

Exhibition Dates: 
07.07.12 - 08.03.12

Exhibition Dates: 07.07.12 - 08.03.12
Martina Secondo Russo

Opening Date: July 7th, 2012 
Opening Times: 7-10pm

Exhibition running dates: July 7th- August 3rd.

Show curated by Frankie Velez
In TOTS WITH TATS, Martina Secondo Russo presents a new series of life-sized tattooed babies.
She cuts the figures out of plywood and paints the skin tones in acrylic. She then applies all kinds
of "tattoos" with enamel markers. Most of the "tattoos" are drawn from Traditional American Flash, but
she also uses Halloween decorations, found images, or her own drawings. The "tattoos" are used to
tell a story and create a new kind of visual dialogue.
Each "Tot" has his own personality, which is reflected through his tattoos. A mini "Sailor Baby" is
covered in U.S. Navy and Marine Tattoos, having done 2 tours of duty in just a fews short months of
life! Another "Tough Guy Baby" stands with a cutely menacing expression, and is covered in tattoos
of skulls, tigers, snakes and daggers. There's a "Pirate Baby" with a kraken attacking a pirate ship on
his chest, and a "Western Baby" with Horses, Cowboys and Indians. A "Bug Fairy" is covered with
butterflies, centipedes and other insects, and another baby has an octopus wrapped around every
inch of his little body. Cute and cuddly, but somehow wise beyond their years, each "Tattooed Tot" is
sure to delight and entice both art lovers and tattoo aficionados.

Martina'a artwork is inspired by: horror, tattoos, toys, renaissance art, pin-up art, and the juxtaposition
of beauty with the grotesque. Her "Tots With Tats" Series evolved from her “Tattooed Limbs"- Hands,
feet, arms and legs with bloody stumps, which appear to have been freshly ripped off a tattooed
victim. She also paints life-size Pin Up Girls covered in tattoos depicting everything from Halloween
decorations, classic Tattoo Flash, Skulls, Horror Movie characters, and many other images.
Martina Secondo Russo was born in Genova, Italy but has lived in New York City since she was four
years old. She studied Fine Art at The California Institute Of Art. After graduating in 2002, she moved
back to NYC and opened MF Gallery with her husband, Frank Russo. Since 2003, MF Gallery has
been in the forefront of NYC's Underground Pop Art scene. An unpretentious space known for its wild
opening parties and great affordable art, MF Gallery opened a location in Genova, Italy in 2009.

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